I stepped into the role as a Wedding Officiant in Orlando, from being a Day-of Wedding Coordinator for many years and love both roles.

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Invitation to a Wedding 

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As a Wedding Officiant, I get to meet amazing wonderful couples and every Couples Love Story is different.  I get to know them you have my undivided attention.  

I started Invitation to a Wedding more than 15 years ago.  As a Day-of Wedding Coordinator I have overseen large, medium and small intimate beautiful weddings.

​​​Thelma Brathwaite, originally from England and owner of Invitation to a Wedding, LLC,

Orlando, FL.

Thelma's soothing, tranquil, aristocratic voice as described by Couples and wedding guests make her Ceremonies unique and memorable and draws people to her, they love to hear her talk.

In addition to being a Wedding Officiant, Thelma is active in her Church and serving the community.        She is experienced and knowledgeable also as a           Day-of Wedding Coordinator.  When Thelma first started Invitation to a Wedding,  she was a Wedding  Planner and is knowledgeable in the 

Wedding Industry for over 15 years.  

Thelma has traveled Internationally and loves the diversity of her Couples.  As Thelma would put it "when you love what you do, it

shows and that's a bonus."