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Some Frequently asked questions you might have in mind:

There is no fee to call and ask a Q.  (407)  232 0520.

  • Will we get to meet with you before the wedding?

​​Yes, of course.  I love to meet my couples in person before their wedding ceremony.  If you are local I setup an appointment that is convenient to you for us to meet.  If you are out-of-state or out of the country we can  meet via Skype, email or phone.  

  • What are your fees?

My fees vary depending on the elements and type of wedding ceremony you envision, travel time, wedding rehearsal & preparation.  In order for me to give you an accurate fee I would like to know the details of your wedding e.g. date based upon availability, time, location and venue just to give you an idea.

  • Is a deposit required?

Yes.  The deposit holds and confirms your date and time of your wedding and begin preparation of your wedding ceremony or as Day-of Wedding Coordinator.  You will always receive a draft and/or timeline of your wedding.  We will have meetings via phone and in person before leading up to your big day and final approval from you.  

  • Can we write our own Wedding Vows and say them to each other or do we have to use vows where we repeat after you?

​Yes, you are more than welcome to write your own weddings and say them to each other as a matter of fact I encourage couples to say their vows to each other as it gives a more heartfelt and meaningful touch to your ceremony.  However, I can understand some couples tend to be nervous and would rather repeat their vows after me.  It is your day, I want you both to be comfortable and at ease.

  • How do we take care of the marriage license after the ceremony?

Once I get the signature of two witnesses over the age of 18. I sign then I take it and file it with the Clerk of the Court the very next business day or mail it in for you.  I will make a copy of the marriage license for you. 

  • What is your attire for our wedding?

​I come professionally dressed in a black conservative suit or dress or if you prefer a color representing your wedding colors.  If it is an outside wedding in hot humid weather then I wear a dress that is comfortable but still conservative. ​​

  • Destination Weddings from overseas?

Yes, we do.  Please be sure to check with your Government or Local Authorities in your respective country as to what they require for your wedding to be legal in your home country before you embark on your journey in that way you will know what questions to ask when you apply here in Florida with the Clerk of the Courts for your marriage license. 

  • Are you available for travel outside the U.S.

Yes, I am available however, you should check with the respective country in bringing your own Wedding Officiant.  Renewing you Wedding Vows  outside the U.S. does not require a marriage license.  Additional fees apply for airfare, hotel, etc.

  • Do you provide any other type of services?

​​You may have already selected a Wedding Officiant.  We provide a Day-of Wedding Coordinator to take that stress off, of you and your family.  Having a Day-of Wedding Coordinator is a valuable asset to your Wedding Day.  


  • How do we apply for a marriage license in Orlando, Florida?

​​Please follow the link for details regarding applying for your marriage license in the State of Florida. 

 Marriage Licenses are valid 60 days from date of issuance.
•   Overseas and Out-of-State couples can receive a Florida Marriage License application by mail or download the form, from the Clerk of the Court's website. There is no 3 day waiting period for Overseas or Out of State couples.
 •  There is a 3-day waiting period for Florida Residents, who do not take the Pre-marital counseling course.
•   Marriage licenses are issued the same day as requested as long as all requirements are met and are valid 60 days from date of issuance.   
•  A list of providers approved by the Courts for Pre-marital counseling can be provided.
•  A Legal Wedding License is required to get married. The fee for the marriage license is $93.50.  Cash, Money Order, Cashiers Check, or Master Card are acceptable forms of payment to the Clerk of the Court.   No Refunds, No Personal Checks accepted.
•    Previous Marriages require the exact date and year marriage ended, if applicable (written proof maybe required.)
•    Your Wedding License must be filed within 10 days AFTER your Wedding Ceremony the very next business day with the Clerk of the Courts or mailed in. Only then is it officially recorded and then becomes the official marriage certificate, which will be mailed to you. This can take approx. 7- 10 business days to be mailed back to you or sooner, by the State of Florida.
​ •    Renewing your Wedding Vows, does not require a License.  Available for travel within the United States and International. (additional fees apply).